full sized arcades come with over 1200 working

arcade games and complete console systems [SNES/MEGADRIVE etc.]. Each cabinet has a superior sound system with the option of a  bluetooth amplifer for streaming music . Artwork can be customised & a coin slot mechanism is available. The monitor size is a standard 19 inch with the original arcade 4:3 aspect ratio and can be upped to 20'' - 27'' depending on the cabinet frame.

Standard cabinet features
  • Toughened glass screen
  • 150W internal speakers
  • Integrated amplifier
  • Jukebox feature
  • Add new games or music via USB
  • Removable front & rear panels
  • Customised software menus available
  • Solid construction - cabinets weigh over 80kgs
  • Dimensions of cabinets here
  • Gameslist here

There are 3 cabinet options available :: prices range from €1300 to €1500

Wideboy arcade €1500

27 inch monitor
Bluetooth sound system - subwoofer

High gloss finish  €1400

Moon Patrol style
19 inch Dell monitor

Home cabinet system   €1500

custom art -pacman theme
Bluetooth sound system - subwoofer
Coin mechanism for 1 euro coins
20 inch Dell Monitor

Some standard feature of the cabinets are shown below

USB port for adding games & music drives. Rear On/Off switch with LED indicator

Glass marquee with rear printing and 12v LED

Integrated bluetooth amplifier

Genuine rear arcade roller wheels

Toughened glass screen with internal bezel

Rear fan system and grills